Lal allegedly sourced heroin from Okafor and would then sell off small quantities to dealers in Punjab in the northern part of India. The Delhi police alleged Okafor had also sourced heroin from an acquaintance who got it from an individual from Afghanistan who was based in Delhi. Indian police said Okafor had disclosed that he used to send consignments of heroin to other countries such as the UK, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Nepal, Bangladesh and South Africa from Delhi through courier companies by using fake IDs. Aside from people physically smuggling drugs across South African borders, it also appears click resources that parcels containing heroin are being couriered from India to South Africa. DM168 has established that heroin is apparently also being smuggled in the opposite direction. In September last year, India’s Narcotics Control Bureau reported that an investigation into 12kg of heroin that had arrived there led to the interception of two more parcels of the drug. The heroin parcels, one of which included dagga, were concealed in books. “The consignor address of both the parcels was South Africa-based, whose earlier parcels were seized,” the bureau said. Towards the end of June this year, the Narcotics Control Bureau hosted the fifth Anti-Drug Working Group Meeting of Heads of Drug Control Agencies, which focused on various drug-smuggling methods that involved India.

https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2021-09-30-drug-bust-in-india-links-south-africa-to-global-heroin-trade-with-ties-to-the-taliban/ [Production]

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The report said ICU admissions are at 269 and 177 people are on ventilators statewide. Mon Health President and CEO David Goldberg said the overall downward trend is good to see, but most Mon Health hospitals are still operating at or above capacity. “At Mon Health Medical Center on Morgantown we are Just shy of 30 COVID patients, 9 or so in the ICU. I was on a system call this morning and we had seven COVID-related deaths over the weekend alone,” Goldberg said. “Down at Stonewall Jackson Memorial Hospital we are holding patients in the emergency room.” The continuing drop in active case numbers is encouraging as well as the renewed interest in initial vaccinations and the Pfizer booster program. Still, a large majority of those being treated in hospitals are unvaccinated. “While the numbers overall are coming down, hospitalizations in pockets of West Virginia are still pretty steady,” Goldberg said. Like many other hospital systems, Mon Health has had to limit elective procedures that could require an overnight stay.


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